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Why You Should Use Voltage Matched Lead Acid Batteries

Why You Should Use Voltage Matched Lead Acid Batteries

Posted by Raion Group on Feb 6th 2019

On our listings of Raion Power batteries, you will likely have seen the phrase "We Voltage Match Free Of Cost". In this blog, we will be covering what is voltage matching and why you should use voltage matched batteries for your application.

What Is Voltage Matching

Our lead acid batteries arrive directly from our factories on a regular basis. Although they are brand new and have been charged at the factory, we take an extra step to ensure that the batteries will last longer by voltage matching them prior to shipping them out to you. 

In equipments that require multiple batteries of the same size, having the voltages of each individual battery as close as possible (100 mV for a 12V battery & 50 mV for a 6V battery) to each other will drastically improve the lifespan of all the batteries in addition to improving the performance of your equipment compared to those without voltage matched batteries.

Every set of lead acid battery that leaves our warehouse is voltage matched. Batteries have self discharge, and the voltage goes down with time. We make sure every 12V battery that are shipped will have a minimum of 12.6V and 6V battery with 6.3 V. Batteries with lower voltage are top charged and voltage matched before shipment.

Benefits Of Voltage Matching

Voltage matching, as referenced above, is the process of equalizing the voltages among multiple batteries as close as possible. We have been doing this process for over a decade, and have come up with a methodology that not only allows us to provide voltage matching as a complimentary service but also make sure each battery leaves our warehouse meet our quality standard are ready to go when it arrives at the customer location.

The best way to think about voltage matching and how it improves the lifespan of all the batteries is to think about the tires of a car. If the tire threads are not uniform the life of the tires will be reduced. If you have an older tire and a new tire in the car the your efficiency of your car will drastically decrease in addition to the remaining tires wearing unevenly. The actual life of the tires will be close to that of the older tire rather than the new one.

Similarly when you have multiple batteries in an equipment, the performance of the system and lifespan of the batteries will be closer to that of the battery with lower voltage. By buying Raion Power batteries from Raion Group, you can be assured that your equipment performance and battery lifespan will be greatly increased in comparison to some of our competitors. 

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