About Us

How Raion Group Was Founded

In 2012, the battery industry was drastically different from the one we know now. If a customer wanted to purchase a battery, there were only a few manufacturers to choose from, and these manufacturers' dated business models meant that there were many middle men such as dealers which increased the prices of the batteries quickly. The increase in the prices were caused by inefficiencies of these large manufacturers. Raion Group was founded in 2012 to revolutionize the battery industry. 

Quality Control

In our effort to making the battery buying process a simple affordable process to everyone, we promised to not cut corners and provide a superior product.

  • Heavy Weight Products - We had the option of manufacturing low weight products; however, this would result in a shorter lifespan. We knew this was not an option, so our products are manufactured at the heavier battery standards
  • UL Certification: Raion Power batteries and the manufacturing plant at which we manufacturer our batteries are UL certified. This is a cost prohibitive certification some competitors forego, but this was a necessary certification to attain for our company mission and beliefs.
  • Voltage Matching - We voltage match all battery sets that are order by our customers. This ensures that all the battery voltages are within mV of each other. This results in a prolonged lifespan of the batteries. Our competitors do not have the infrastructure to be able to do this for EVERY battery set that is shipped out, but since this prolonged the battery life, we knew this was a requirement. In addition, voltage matching also top charges the battery so that the batteries arrive with a higher voltage charge compared to non voltage matched batteries.
  • Fast Shipping - Our warehouse is centrally located which means that we are able to ship to the entire United States in a matter of days. We have a one business day timeframe to get our orders out for our customers which is the fastest in the industry. Most often, we are able to ship the orders out within the same business day, and these batteries get voltage matched too!
  • SSL Secured - Our website is SSL secured which means you can rest assured that our website is secure. We have site wide https which improves security on ALL webpages.
  • Blogs/Video Tutorials - We want to make our customers happy with our batteries. We have started to make high quality blogs and videos that provide tips, overview, installation guides, and more!

We Never Stop Improving

At Raion Group, we are always striving to be better. This involves us listening to our customers and actively studying our competition. For example, customers want an easy way to reorder their Raion Power batteries without wasting much time. We listened, are on the brink of releasing an easy order application where you can simply take a picture of your battery on your smart phone, use Paypal, Apple Pay, Amazon Pay, or Visa Checkout to order your battery literally within 60 seconds.

Raion Group was founded on the principles of tackling the inefficiencies in the battery industry, and we continue to innovate to make the battery purchasing process a simple affordable process to everyone.