Raion Group Announces New Warehouse Location in Richardson, Texas

Raion Group Announces New Warehouse Location in Richardson, Texas

Posted by Raion Group on Jul 1st 2021


Surya Moorthi, CEO of Raion Group, announces that the company has moved into a larger warehouse in Richardson, Texas.

Property Highlights:

  • 4 private offices
  • 1 conference room
  • 2 public working areas
  • 1 full size dock 
  • 1 drive in bay


Raion Group has experienced significant growth in the past 2 years. The prior warehouse was no longer sufficient in keeping up with the demand. This new facility has more workspaces which will enable the company to bring on new team members to further spur growth. 

The warehouse is double the square footage of the previous facility. In addition, the new facility is 2 times taller which allows for racking systems to be installed. Racking systems will enable more efficient use of the warehouse in addition to allowing for storage based on FIFO concepts. Battery manufacturing dates are important in this industry, and Raion Group prides itself on supplying some of the freshest batteries on the market. This facility will enable the company to improve upon this further.

The reputation that Raion Power, Raion Group's battery brand, has in the industry has led to many vendors and manufacturers wanting to use Raion Power batteries. As a result, the number of pallet orders fulfilled has grown more than 10 times when compared to 2020. The full size dock enables us to efficiently load and unload semi trucks. The previous facility lacked a full size dock which added additional challenges when loading and unloading trucks.

The drive in dock enables carries such as UPS and USPS to drive in and load packages easily. This saves time, reduces damages when loading, and reduces effort in manually carrying packages to the dock.


The new facility is going to improve the company's operations. The increased space will allow the company to stock more inventory of existing products in addition to enabling the company to introduce new product lines to diversify the product portfolio. Furthermore, to sustain growth, the facility can now 

New Facility Location: