Why You Should Replace Your Batteries With Raion Power Batteries

Why You Should Replace Your Batteries With Raion Power Batteries

Posted by Raion Group on Feb 11th 2019

When you are on the market for a replacement lead acid battery for your equipment(s), you are presented with an abundance of options. You may want to purchase the product with the most reviews or the one that is the cheapest overall. Raion Group will walk you through why you should only buy Raion Power batteries for your equipment.

Heavier Lead Content Weight

There are plethora of voltage and amperage combinations that can be manufactured for lead acid batteries. Many people do not know that there are different lead weights of the same voltage and amperage combinations. For example, you can get a low weight 12V 35Ah battery and a heavier weight 12V 35Ah battery. Both batteries are rated for the same capacity, and both batteries have the same battery case size.

If the batteries are rated at the same capacity, and the lighter battery is slightly cheaper, why would you want to buy the heavier Raion Power battery?

Heavier batteries will not only give you better performance out of your equipment, but also give your batteries a longer lifespan. Lighter weight batteries are rated to last just under a year while heaver batteries lifespan generally will outlast that. This lifespan difference alone makes it fiscally worthwhile investing in Raion Power batteries the first time around.

How To Tell Which Batteries Are Heavy Lead Weight?

All of our lead acid batteries that we sell today are heavier in weight content, so you can rest assure that you are buying the best batteries on the market. Simply weigh your current battery and compare it to the same model of Raion Power battery and you will immediately know if your battery is of lower weight or not. 

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Certified

When looking for the quality of the product and the manufacturing process, no brand is more renowned than Underwriters Laboratories. This certification indicates that the manufacturing facility, product, and company have successfully met the stringent guidelines set by UL. An annual certification filing fee and maintenance of quality standards are required for this certification.

Raion Power lead acid batteries are UL certified. Both the facility used to manufacture the products and the company/brand need to be certified which is why some companies forego this important quality certification. Always ask to see the company's UL certification filing to ensure they are UL Certified. We have posted Raion Power's UL filings so that you can be rest assured that we are actually certified.

Due to this certification being cost prohibitive to some competitors and hassle, some brands forego this certification. Raion Power's lead acid batteries are all UL and CE certified so you can buy replacement batteries for wheelchairs/power scooter, fire alarms, surveillance systems, UPS Backup systems, and more with confidence.

Conformité Européenne (CE) Certified

The recognizable CE mark indicates that Raion Power batteries conform with the health, safety, and environmental protection standards for products sold in the European Economic Area. This marking is present outside of Europe on products manufactured in Europe or on products designed to be sold in Europe as well.

Screen Printed Batteries

Raion Power batteries are not generic brand batteries that have a third party brand sticker put on the battery. All of our lead acid batteries are screen printed with the our logo, part number, charge instructions, disposal information, UL and CE badges, and more. Screen printing adds time in the manufacturing process, and there are no corners cut in the manufacturing process of Raion Power batteries. If your standard lead acid battery contains a sticker branding, your battery may be a generic brand battery with a marketing sticker applied onto the product.

What To Do Next?

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